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December 14, 2018
So much to read, so little time. Let this be your one-stop source for the good, the bad and the outrageous in the world of technology.
Hyland Gets Into Wellesley
Getting accepted to college is always a proud moment — even for software company's. Hyland's OnBase has been selected by Wellesley to support the college's transition to paperless processes. OnBase has gotten into a number of schools, but perhaps none so prestigious (not that we're judging).
Do You Know Who That Email is From?
This blog on Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams caught our eye because we've seen quite a few of these types of emails recently — many making it past corporate scam filers. Tip: ALWAYS look for the email address of the sender, rather than just the name. outllok at is a dead giveaway, as is sekuritydude at Look for the obvious and the not-so-obvious. Get more security best practices here.

We Only Read it For the Analytics

Several major tech sites have reported on Pornhub's 2018 report that aggregates user behavior, so we feel OK doing the same – honestly, it's a fascinating dive into data analytics. The site streamed a petabyte of data in 2018. What's a petabyte, you may ask? That is one million gigabytes, and that, according to CNET, is more than the entire internet consumed in 2002.

Let's Get Serious About the Environment

There have been plenty of horrifying environmental reports released recently, so it's always good to see large companies taking action — we listened to a webinar from HP yesterday discussing their environmental initiatives, which include the reuse and reduction of plastics. Cisco also plans to reduce its use of virgin plastics, and SAP this week discussed how it plans to address climate change.

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